Penelope Sullivan

Penelope Sullivan

Certified Family and Nutritional Herbalist/ BS Holistic Nutrition

28 Experience · Dietetics, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Nutrition · She/Her/Hers

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About me

Hello! I have been in the holistic health field for 28 years, and am a certified Family and Nutritional Herbalist, as well as Holistic Nutritionist. Recently, I have expanded my practice to include utilizing Zyto technology as a wellness tool, and work out of the Bock Chiropractic Clinic in Grass Valley, CA. I truly love empowering my clients with tools that enhance their overall health and vitality, through private consultations as well as group classes, and work with people of all ages from children to adults. I am holistic in approach, in that I look at many factors that impact health such as diet, lifestyle habits, herbal and nutraceutical supplementation, stress/ mindset and relaxation techniques, etc. I strive to support others in truly feeling alive, happy and vibrant. I can help share insights, cheer individuals on and offer structure and clear cut tasks to achieve clients' health goals. It is my joy to support others in this way. References and Testimonials upon request.

Bachelor of Science Holistic Nutrition, Multiple Herbal Degrees, 28 yrs meditation

Certified Family Herbalist and Nutritional Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist

Treatments offered

Botanical Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Hormonal nutrition, Gluten-Free, Hydrotherapy, Lifestyle Consultations, IBS/Crohn's/UC Specialization, Medical Nutrition, Specialized Diet Planning, Nutritional Counseling, Relaxation Techniques, Supplements, PCOS/Endometriosis Specialization, Postpartum Support, Women's health nutrition

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