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Endometriosis and PCOS Pain: How to Treat It With TCM

Endometriosis and PCOS pain and symptoms often respond well to traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM. Discover TCM treatments that can relieve painful menses.
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Your Top 10 PCOS Questions Answered

We answer your top 10 PCOS questions. Discover more about PCOS and identify the best integrative treatment options for PCOS symptoms and related problems.
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Can Endometriosis Cause Infertility?

Can endometriosis cause infertility? Find the answer here, along with info on how infertility is diagnosed and conventional and complementary treatments to help you conceive.
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Can Acupuncture Help With PCOS? Here’s What the Research Says

Thinking of trying acupuncture for your PCOS symptoms and wondering if acupuncture can help with PCOS? Read our article to learn the latest research results.
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Herbal Remedies for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Herbal remedies for polycystic ovary syndrome can be safe, effective ways to fight PCOS symptoms. Learn about herbs for PCOS and how to find an herbalist.
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Endometriosis Stages Explained [+ Treatment Options]

Endometriosis stages can determine treatment for this painful disease. Learn more about the types and stages of endometriosis and effective treatment options.
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Can You Develop Endometriosis Later in Life?

Can you develop endometriosis later in life? Learn the answer to that question and which complementary and alternative therapies can help treat endometriosis.

How Endometriosis Is Diagnosed [and Why It’s Often Misdiagnosed]

Learn how endometriosis is diagnosed. Endometriosis can go undiagnosed for years, but understanding the diagnosis process can help you access treatment sooner.
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6 Mind-Body Therapies That Promote Natural Healing

Mind-body therapies can help you reduce physical symptoms and resolve emotional issues, including depression. Learn how to choose the right therapy for you.
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Complementary Therapies for Pain: Can They Reduce Opioid Use?

Complementary therapies for pain management have been used for centuries. Learn how some may be used as complements or alternatives to opioid treatment.
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Acupuncture for Endometriosis: Can It Help With Pain?

Learn how acupuncture for endometriosis can help relieve chronic pain by reducing inflammation and CA-125 levels in your blood.
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Homeopathy for Endometriosis: Does It Improve Symptoms?

Homeopathy for endometriosis may improve symptoms of this lifelong, painful condition. Learn about some natural substances traditionally used to treat it.
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How to Treat Period Cramps Naturally with Alternative Therapies

Discover how to treat period pain with safe, natural therapies like acupuncture, naturopathy, foods, herbs, physical therapy, and counseling.
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How to Eat for PCOS: Nutritional Management Guide

Recently diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome? Learn how to eat for PCOS management, including the best diets for PCOS symptoms and which foods to avoid.
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PCOS Symptoms and How to Treat Them Holistically

PCOS symptoms are often overlooked. Learn the signs and how combining complementary and conventional treatments is often the best way to manage the condition.

Complementary vs. Alternative Medicine: What’s the Difference?

Complementary and alternative medicine are terms that are often used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences. Learn the differences between them here.
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Why You Must Tell Your Doctor About Your Complementary Therapies

Read about why you need to talk to your provider about alternative and complementary therapies before starting a treatment care regimen and tips on what to say.
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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): What It Is [+ Holistic Remedies]

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal disorder that can affect your ovaries, metabolism, appearance, and lifelong health. Learn more here.
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Endometriosis Symptoms and How to Deal With Them Holistically

Explore complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies like acupuncture, nutrition, and Chinese herbal medicine to treat endometriosis symptoms.
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How to Evaluate Complementary and Alternative Therapies

When considering complementary and alternative therapies, know how to evaluate the reliability of online sources and how to interpret clinical trial results.
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7 Alternative Therapies for Endometriosis

Manage your endometriosis symptoms with a combination of traditional Western medicine and alternative therapies for endometriosis. Learn how here.
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5 Alternative Therapies For PCOS: Is One Right for You?

PCOS is a complex condition that’s best treated with a combination of treatments. Learn what the research has to say about 5 alternative therapies for PCOS.
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What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

What is complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)? Read to learn about complementary and alternative therapies and how to find reliable practitioners.
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What Is Endometriosis? [+ Holistic Remedies]

What is endometriosis? Learn about this painful condition that causes endometrial tissue to grow outside the uterus and how to treat it holistically.
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Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Chronic Conditions

Living with a chronic condition can leave you feeling drained. Learn how complementary medicine can help you heal while managing the discomforts of treatment.
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