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Types of Treatments
Popular Herbs

Popular Herbs and Their Applications

An overview of just a few of the innumerable herbs and botanical medicines available worldwide today: ginger, rooibos, turmeric etc.
Metabolic nutritionist

What Does a Metabolic Nutritionist or Dietitian Do?

Metabolic nutritionists or dietitians can help create diet plans adjusted to patients’ precise metabolic needs.
Lifestyle consultations

Lifestyle Consultations

Those with pelvic and menstrual issues are increasingly turning to lifestyle consultations. This holistic approach focuses on healing the physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs.

Hydrotherapy: How it can improve menstrual health

Growing scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of hydrotherapy to treat menstrual health challenges.
Behavioral therapy - women's health

Behavioral Therapy: Women’s Health

Behavioral therapy is one key tool that has shown to be effective for those with chronic pelvic pain and overall for women's health.
behavioral therapy for pelvic pain

Behavioral Therapy: Chronic Pelvic Pain & Menstrual Cramps

There is strong evidence that behavioral therapy can help improve chronic pelvic pain, menstrual cramps and emotional health.
Tui na

Tui Na: How it can relieve pelvic pain

Tui na has some similarities to other modalities like shiatsu or deep tissue, but has a history, philosophy, and many movements of its own.
Pelvic floor massage

Pelvic Floor Massage: Using it to improve pelvic pain

Pelvic floor massage is a particularly effective remedy when targeting various sources of menstrual and pelvic pain.
LED light therapy

LED Light Therapy: How it works and benefits for menstrual health

LED light therapy is a newer form of acupuncture using forms of light energy, including LEDs and lasers, to bring about different effects within the body.
Gua sha

Gua Sha: How it works to relieve menstrual pain

Gua sha has some similarities to traditional acupuncture but its mechanism is quite different, and it’s used most often to combat pain or inflammation.
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