Dr. Tehea Robie

Dr. Tehea Robie

Doctor of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Hospital-Trained Acupuncturist

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About me

Dr. Tehea is the owner of Thea Wellness & Acupuncture, a queer-owned, woman-owned Bay Area business that is deeply invested in the movement for patient-centered healthcare. Dr. Tehea is a co-author of “A Retrospective Study of Acupuncture in the Emergency Department in a Public Safety-Net Hospital”, the abstract of which was presented at the Society for Acupuncture Research in 2019. Dr. Tehea draws on her years of work in mental health and manual therapy. Areas of particular interest are: integrative medicine, emotional distress due to trauma, pain relief and the neurobiology of PTSD.

Five Branches University, DAOM Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, MS

Doctor of Chinese Herbal Medicine (DAOM) Dipl. O.M. NCCAOM CA licensed acupuncturist L.Ac.

Treatments offered

Herbal Medicine, Relaxation Techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Moxibustion, Acupressure, Auricular acupuncture, Acupuncture, Cupping, Holistic Medical Care, Supplements

Communities of focus

Gender-affirming, LGBTQ+, Women

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