Emily Martorano

Emily Martorano

Say goodbye to long-term dieting, achieve a healthy relationship with food while simultaneously improving your health and weight.

2 Experience · Dietetics · 3 Years

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About me

Hi, I’m Emily, A New York and California Based Registered Dietitian. My passion lies in transforming clients’ relationships with food and nutrition - helping them gain the strength and knowledge to make peace with food and improve their health, weight, and body image. I have experience working with a variety of medical conditions, as well as weight management and intuitive eating. I can help guide clients to improve their health while cultivating a sustainable and positive relationship with food.

University of Delaware, Boston University


Treatments offered

Specialized Diet Planning, Medical Nutrition, FODMAP, Gluten-Free, Women's health nutrition, Sports nutrition, Nutritional Counseling, Metabolic Nutrition

Communities of focus

Women, Men, LGBTQ+

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