Jacquelyn Lombari

Jacquelyn Lombari

Certified Nutrition Specialist specializing in functional medicine & exercise nutrition.

2 years Experience · Nutrition

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About me


I am Jacqui, an ultra runner blazing trails in Phoenix, Arizona. I have raised the ante on my knowledge for sports nutrition by taking a personalized and whole system approach. My skills in functional medicine allow me to address hormone imbalances and gut function, so my clients can crush their next training block, performance goal, and beyond.

I work with women to support their hormone production while training hard and doing what they love.

MS Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine

IFM AFMCP CNS - Certified Nutrition Specialist® professional

Treatments offered

IBS/Crohn's/UC Specialization, Gluten-Free, Botanical Medicine, Metabolic Nutrition, Sports nutrition

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