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Stacey Ring

Holistic Nutritionist

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About me

Stacey Ring is a nutritionist with over 4 years of experience helping clients achieve their health goals. Stacey lives by a philosophy that when you eat real food, learn what causes inflammation in your body and eliminate it you will create an environment where healing and health will occur. Over the course of her career in nutrition, Stacey has worked with holistic doctors and learned the fundamentals of gut health, inflammatory response and how to help those achieve overall health and wellness. Stacey holds a bachelor's degree in nutrition from Sacramento State University and is currently working on a master’s degree for nutrition from Logan University. She lives in Elk Grove where she loves to garden, exercise and teach nutrition in her spare time.

Bachelors in Nutrition

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Nutritional Counseling, Metabolic Nutrition, Women's health nutrition

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